Thursday, 30 March 2017

The Great Reform Bill: #Brexit Stitch-Up Begins

Brexiteers moaned that the EU gave us too much red tape, and promised there would be less of it.

Now they introduce the deceptively titled "Great Reform Bill" which simply translates all the red tape into UK law

This 'gold-plating' is precisely how the UK has created a rod for its own back for decades.  In fact, it's busy doing the same thing with the new Payment Services Directive (PSD2).

EU courts do not intepret the law to the letter. They consider a law's purpose when applying it. 

But UK courts interpret UK law to the letter. 

UK courts are entitled to take a purposive interpretation to EU law, but tend not to do so once the EU law has been absorbed into UK law.  

So, the UK will actually have a worse form of red tape after Brexit than it does as an EU member.

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

May Commits Political Suicide

Well, I thought she would've U-turned, but there you have it. The UK's un-elected Prime Minister has pressed ahead with the Tories' plan to leave the EU without knowing the terms and in defiance of all danger signals.

Leave voters will be as quick as anyone to blame this cabal of Little Englanders for any bad news to follow, even though they knowingly sacrificed their economic future for illusions of 'border control' and 'sovereignty' that will disappear as quickly as the offer to spend "savings" of "£350m a week" on the NHS. 

No wonder the Tories are declining to call an early General Election!

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