Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Online, business is personal

References to “business” (and "SME's") are actually references to individual people, so business is highly personalised.

Taking the UK as an example, in 2005 the Small Business Service found there were 4.3 million businesses in the UK, 3.2 million (74%) of which were owner operated, employed no staff and generated an estimated annual turnover of about £190 billion. Only 6000 UK businesses, or 0.1%, had more than 250 employees.

By March 2006, Ofcom reported that 15.36 million UK households (60%) had Internet access; over 11 m UK homes and small businesses had broadband; 40% of adults, and 70% of 16-24 yr olds, with internet access had used social networking sites (defined as any site that enables entry of personal online profiles).

Government statistics put the UK’s population was estimated at 60.2 million people in mid-2005, approximately 80% of whom were over the age of 16.

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