Tuesday, 30 September 2008

A Counter-Cyclical Week

The last week saw me bouncing around London, Oxford and Slough, attempting to speak at two conferences while negotiating a deal, before landing in a surreally crunch-proof hotel in Eze to celebrate the completely voluntary and utterly joyful marriage of two investment bankers.

Yes a happy, willing marriage, when we're told that divorce amongst the financial elite is all the rage, not to mention shotgun weddings involving either JP Morgan Chase, Banco Santander or Citigroup.

But the most counter-cyclical moment for me came last night, as I finally collapsed in front of BBC television 24 hour news to watch the US Congress dither over the suspiciously definitive $700bn bail-out package. Barack Obama's message to Congress from his Denver rally was to "get it done", but with one tantalising, ironic condition: to ensure that the taxpayer "gets paid back"...
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