Thursday, 30 October 2008

LinkedIn Goes Social

LinkedIn has just added various collaborative, work-oriented applications to its platform. But I'm struggling to get beyond it as a fairly static place to hold your CV and network in a fairly basic, formal sense. I do receive requests for my services via LinkedIn, and it's useful for making introductions and learning a bit about someone you're scheduled to meet or call – the whole reason they published their profile. I guess people might use it as a “work” platform, add their blogs stc and yet retain the air of formality. But not all of that seems compatible. We'll see.

In the meantime, Facebook still seems more engaging and better aligned with the blurred social, business and academic blogosphere - it's the equivalent of meeting with the founders of a start-up in Starbucks, or with colleagues in a bar to talk shop and whatever else is going on. So that's where I prefer to share my blog, for example.

It will be interesting to see whether, and if so, how Facebook reaches out to the business community as LinkedIn evolves to be more engaging.
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