Friday, 16 January 2009

OK, OK. But Absolutely No Fifth Runway

As Gordon Brown's wasteful, intrusive juggernaut grinds the blood and bones of yet another protest line into the political landscape, so the survivors must rush to the next defensive position.

But in the absence of any effective political opposition, it is wise to choose something that Gordon and his goons would be truly looney tunes to set their sights on. Something so inherently dangerous that New Labour will spontaneously combust in the attempt to achieve it. Because we all know now that as soon as the good citizens gather to defend their interests, New Labour acquires another target, and the Cavalry stays away.

Iraq turned out to be just another rut in the road for these automatons. And I'm sure they can squeeze in a fourth runway at Heathrow, if we don't mind the odd plane landing on the M4 by mistake.

But I reckon a fifth runway at Heathrow would put New Labour on collision course with the M25. Nothing could survive that.
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