Thursday, 19 February 2009

Will The Semantic Web Kill Price Comparison Sites... Please?

Maybe I'm confused, but every time I see a TV ad for one of the multitude of financial services price comparison web sites, I wonder what proportion of the gross product price or insurance premium is commission to cover all those advertising costs.

Yet it's claimed that I'd pay the same price if I went directly to the product provider...

So then I wonder: if there has to be enough fat in the price to cover multiple distributors' TV ad campaigns, why don't product providers start semantic publishing? That way, a widget on my own computer could scan their datafeeds and identify the product that's right for me, based on my personal profile and other parameters I specify?

Surely this would bring down the cost of products and I would also see the whole market, not just those who are prepared to pay to be on the price comparison sites?
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