Saturday, 18 April 2009

Is This Entertainment?

"The entertainment industry scored a rare victory on Friday," says the FT, reporting the prison sentences and fines handed out in Sweden to the four promoters of Pirate Bay.


As has been shown in the UK, there is no economic justification for spending public money on special life-support for the so-called "entertainment" industry's antiquated set of business models, let alone on imposing criminal sanctions. And doing so in the case of file-sharing only encourages these laggards to persist in their efforts to slow the development of an open internet to their snail's pace.

When lobbied for more public resources to tighten the entertainment industry's failing grip on consumers' wallets, Ministers should demand instead that the industry delight people to the point where they don't need or want to use the likes of Pirate Bay.

Now that would be a victory for the entertainment industry - and entertaining to boot.
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