Friday, 1 May 2009

Pragmatism Meets Oikonomics

One way to put theories to the test is simply to race them. Literally. On a race track. Let 'em fight it out, see which one wins.

So it was decided after only a small quantity of wine that Will and the folks at DB Max should be asked to make some room for Pragmatist and Oikonomics in the DB Max rowing triathlon on May 4 at Mallory Park.

Thus, by lunchtime Monday you should know whether it is better to base your personal theories about Life on trial, error and bitter experience or by extrapolating from careful, patient, highly-trained observation (trade: "deep hanging out").

Right. I'm off to the gym. But will leave you with Gus Mckechnie's extraordinary contribution to the world of sporting endeavour.

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