Monday, 28 September 2009

Why She Buys

Interesting tips from a book Why She Buys, by Bridget Brennan, posted on the Amazon Payments blog:
  • don't hide your customer service number

  • simple checkout process

  • use trusted payment methods, confirm orders/shipment immediately by email

  • have a decent returns policy

  • recommend complementary items

  • show examples of gifts

  • allow zoom on product shots

  • keep your site clutter-free

  • be transparent about shipping costs
Reminds me of some research that challenged the idea that women aren't comfortable with technology. As others have pointed out that, sure it should be stylish, but it also has to work simply. That means minimising the need for instructions and cables like spaghetti.

Intel also found that women are very influential when it comes to the gadgets guys buy, and even spend more time online gaming than young men.

Oh, and check out GeekSugar, 'where geek is chic'. Hat-tip to AllWomensWeekend.
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