Tuesday, 1 June 2010

The Turning Of The Screw

All the squealing from MPs about the harshness of their new expenses rules - not to mention the odd high profile resignation - suggests to me the system is working.

We aren't seeing a lot of specifics about why the new system is too draconian. For instance, Emily Thornberry (Labour, Islington South and Finsbury) is quoted as saying:
“It’s not fair that we’re being cut back on the amount of work we can do.”
Nice drafting, Emily. Of course, this is a plea based on moral panic. Only each MP is really in a position to know whether this statement is true. It implies MPs are running their offices in the most efficent manner possible, and they "can" do work now that the new expense rules won't permit. By using the word "can", Emily can wriggle out of any attack on her record, or any other MP's record - she has not said specifically that she or they will no longer be able to do X or Y.

Don't trust 'em, I say. Keep turning the screw.

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