Thursday, 8 July 2010

Twitter: McKinsey's Window On Global Change?

McKinsey Quarterly, the online journal of McKinsey, says "five crucibles for change will restructure the world economy", requiring all businesses to "pay attention to more stakeholders, more regulations, and more risks - and to watch to see what their customers are tweeting about them".

The online journal will focus on each of these drivers in the coming year. In summary:
  1. Emerging market countries will contribute more toward world economic growth than developed countries, adding new consumers and driving innovation in products, infrastructure and supply chains;
  2. Developed economies must innovate to substantially increase productivity;
  3. Complexity in the international flows of capital, goods, data and people will create new business models and boost innovation, but bring additional risk and volatility;
  4. Competition for resources will require greater productivity, investment in clean technology and attract greater regulation;
  5. National governments and other nationally-oriented entities will be under greater pressure to cope with all of the above.
It would seem you're best advised to follow the coverage on Twitter...

Image from LMNeff.
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