Thursday, 26 August 2010

Animal Cruelty?

Apparently this web cam footage of a bank worker dropping a cat in a bin is not some kind of spoof - but it does defy belief.

CatBinLady attempts to provide some insight into what goes through the mind of someone capable of this.

The cat is apparently okay, but the RSPCA is considering whether to prosecute. It has plenty to consider.

In her public statement, the perpetrator claims "it was a split second of misjudgement". But the above footage shows her glance meaningfully at the bin at the 30 second mark, and she finally gets the cat in the bin 17 seconds later. Then she walks away, leaving the cat to be rescued by others 15 hours later, according to news reports. She clearly did not return to free the cat in the meantime. In my view, her misjudgement began when she first glanced at the bin, and continued at least until the cat was saved by others, and arguably until she was confronted with the evidence and apologised.

This story reminds me of the owner of a neighbouring farm when I was a kid. While he was drinking in a pub in town, a terrible smell was traced to his car, which was parked outside in the heat. Two sheep he'd 'rescued' on the road and forgotten about were discovered in the boot. I doubt he apologised.
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