Wednesday, 13 October 2010

That Government Waste Report In Full

Isn't it annoying that the 'news' media 'report' on the results of research, but never provide a link to the source? Well, here's the link to "Efficiency Review by Sir Phillip Green", without any link to media reports. So there.

It's only 33 slides, and I urge every taxpayer to take it in.

My 'takeaways' are that nobody knows enough about how the public sector spends our money to ensure we get real value for it. So we don't even know how much money could be 'saved' by finding out. But Sir Phillip's best guess is that getting a handle on it all will be very worthwhile in terms of policemen, teachers and other essential front-line public services, if not outright spending cuts.

I hope they get on with it. Fast.
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