Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Water Quality/Filter Filter?

A tale of two teas
I confess to having taken drinking water pretty much for granted, until my brother-in-law joined a leading water softener and filter supplier. Now I'm a little obsessed.

Amazingly, UK water companies actually produce a report that shows the water quality in your area. Just plug in your post code and tick the content you want to see. This is designed to tell you what 'contaminants' the water companies have been able to filter out, and allow you to decide what you might need or want to filter out yourself for whatever reason.

Unfortunately, there seems to be no mash-up that enables you to directly compare the remaining contaminants in your area with the capabilities of all the available water filters on the market - a "water quality/filter filter".

Something for the Open Data community, using API's and data from the various utilities and filter providers?
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