Friday, 18 February 2011

Use It Or Lose It #2

I've previously posted in praise of the "Greasy Spoon" in case they close down or become chain shops. This time, I'm suggesting we use our libraries or they'll just close down.

Here's a map of threatened library closures. It's of course important to campaign to keep your local library open, but actually using it is what really counts.

Perhaps going to the library already feels like something you need to force yourself to do. Like going to the gym. If you do feel like it's a bit of an effort, try this 5-step programme ;-):

1. Go to the library. Just go in, and walk out.

2. A week later, visit again and apply for a library card.

3. A week later, visit the library and borrow one item.

4. Return the item on time.

5. Once each week/month thereafter, visit the library and use one aspect of the library's facilities (yes, even that facility).

Following demonstrations earlier this month, authorities are re-considering some planned closures.

But, again, using your library is what really counts.
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