Thursday, 21 April 2011

Gordo's International Mind F₪€k

Gordo Sets Record
Hot on the heels of February's findings that the IMF has been affected by a bad case of 'groupthink' and 'intellectual capture' we have the astounding 'revelation' that Gordo's lining up for a crack at the leadership role.

Now this particular chestnut has been churning through the rumour mills for sometime - here's some coverage from May 2010, for instance. And here's some from 2009. Presumably, that's Gordo's PR machine testing the waters of political opinion - typical New Labour mind-f₪€kery.

Which makes it all the more important that every time this idea rears its ugly head, we give it the hammering it deserves.

This week, the Prime Minister flatly promised that he'd block such a move, and offered some pointers toward more likely winners at the Pontefract races.

Seriously, folks, don't let Gordon anywhere near the international cash register. He'll blow the lot next time.
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