Friday, 8 July 2011

So Many Targets, So Few Bullets

Okay, it's been a looong week, it's 2:20am, my cab leaves for the airport at 4:00 and I haven't packed yet. So there are two chances of a decent post this week...

In all fairness, the dazzling array of targets hasn't exactly allowed one to focus one's thoughts - I mean, I've been hammering away on the Tweet button like a chimp on speed. So all I can usefully do is commend that frenetic feed to you, as a parting gift.

But if I had to choose, these would be my top 8:
  1. Zero Hedge: on whether the US and Europe will track Japan's 21 year slide (and counting);
  2. Spectator: that Rebekah Brooks statement on phone-hacking in full;
  3. Naked Capitalism: Partying on the Edge of the Eurozone Volcano - I love that title;
  4. Naked Capitalism: Fukushima Cover Up Unravels;
  5. Guardian: What Twitter thinks of the News of the World, visualised;
  6. P2P Banking: The US Government Accountability Office's Guide to US Regulation on P2P Lending;
  7. Schumpeter: On being sacked for telling tales 'through' the media; and
  8. Chris Marsden's observations on what the Dead Parrot Sketch and UK Media regulation have in common.
And, hey, I have a whole hour left to pack. So time for a little light entertainment:

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