Wednesday, 18 July 2012

We're Up $hit Creek: Invent Paddles

While it's fun picking over the bones of old financial scams and scandals, it's not really getting us anywhere, is it? After four years of it we're still up the proverbial creek without a paddle.

I'm not saying we should cease catechizing the cretinous crews of our crappy institutions. That's simply too much fun in a disgusting place that's short of laughs.

But when we're up Sh£t Creek without a paddle, clearly we need new paddles. 

Trouble is, the ordinary old paddles aren't much good in sh*t, so there's no point waiting for them to be magically delivered by the paddle-gods. We need to invent new ones. We need to experiment with different shapes and sizes. We need to make some howling errors in paddle design. Some canoes need to capsize - lots of little things must go wrong if we are to paddle our way down Sh€t creek to wherever it is you are when you're not up there.

Invent a paddle today!

Image from Truth Addict.

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