Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Of A 900 Year Old Dwarf, Trinkets And Baby Steps

Voda Yoda
How apt that Vodafone has settled on a film character from 1980 to advertise the ability to... [sound of trumpets]... charge your phone in a taxi in 2012, when we've been charging phones in our own cars for many years. No wonder the little fella appears a bit non-plussed. Sadly the TV version doesn't record why he fires up his lightsabre, but I'm guessing from all the inane chat that it might be to dispense with the cabbie.

Such trinkets as in-cab charging are perhaps a small sign that Vodafone recognises at least one of the day-to-day hassles associated with mobile phones usage. So let's acknowledge them for a baby step in the right direction. The fact that London's black cabs hadn't already provided a 'free' charging facility to passengers tells you how great that particular monopoly is working for the consumer. 

Yet I still can't download my mobile phone billing information from the virtually useless "My account" section of the website. In fact, despite numerous calls to customer service over the years - usually around tax time - the most they've been able to do is send me physical copies of my bills free-of-charge. So 1980.

Image from DigitalSpy.

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