Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Roundheads v Cavaliers

Dog eat dog
Last night I found myself in front of "Roundhead or Cavalier: Which One Are You?", a sort of 'Dummies Guide' to the English Civil War which, needless to say, I found quite informative.

Perhaps the key difference between the Roundheads (puritan Parliamentarians) and Cavalier (flambuoyant Royalists) was the Roundhead preference for rigorous discipline over their opponents' dedication to partying and lining their own pockets. Tellingly, the ripely named Prince Rupert of the Rhine (of hunting poodle fame) was unable to prevent his Cavalier cavalry from looting the Parliamentarian baggage while the battle raged. This wasn't so much of a problem early on, at the Battle of Edgehill, but had tragic consequences at the Battle of Naseby which spelled the end for the Royalist cause. 

In the show's closing stages, we were treated to various pundits views on whether modern Britons are more Roundhead or Cavalier in their attitude. And while the comparison wasn't made, it occurred to me that recent events have revealed a certain preoccupation with looting in the heat of battle, resulting in the rolling of heads... 

But beware the Restoration.

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