Monday, 13 May 2013

Playing The EU Fiddle

You know you're being played like a fiddle when Westiminster erupts over something as nebulous as Britain's membership of the Europe Union.

It doesn't matter what anybody thinks about the sustainability of the EU and whether Britain should be in it or not. The issues are too complex for anyone to be "right" about them. We may as well have a referendum about whether there is life somewhere else in the Universe. One day it might be clear, but not now. Today, in the FT Wolfgang Münchau calmly says that Britain could achieve all the current benefits with bilateral trade treaties, while in the WSJ Simon Nixon argues it's a matter of in or bust. Does either position truly reflects how the whole EU disaster will play out, who will lose and who will gain?

Nobody knows.

But this we do know: Britain's membership of the EU is an ideal topic of argument if you're trying to distract the population from the fact that your party has no idea how to resolve the current economic disaster right here at home. So, rather than fall for a faux controversy generated with the help of has-been Tory grandees, let's lock the current lot in the House of Commons until they get the country back on track.

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