Wednesday, 12 June 2013

A Directory of Crowdfunding Directories?

Crowdfunding directories are becoming useful, given the wide variety of potential models, specific geographic and other constraints, and the rapidly increasing numbers of new platforms opening up new niches. 

Each directory seems to take a slightly different tack or favour certain types of platform, so it will be interesting to see which 'prevail' and why, and whether they represent a source of customers. 

For instance, Nesta recently launched, which aims to list information on platforms open to fundraising from individuals and businesses in the UK. 

Directories with a broader focus include AllStreet, Crowdfund Insider, and Crowdsourcing. The Canadian NCFA has its own nationally-oriented directory.  

Of course, trade body membership lists are also important, particularly where regulation is still evolving and the trade body has a published set of rules that members have committed to follow, e.g. the P2PFA, UKCFA.

By all means suggest any others you have found useful (and why)... At this rate, we'll need a directory of directories!

Image from gCodeLabs.
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