Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Feeling Down? Try #FoxNewsFacts

Source: Bipartisan Report
By now you probably know that Fox News broadcast claims by a so-called 'terror expert' that - among other bizarre claims - the UK city of Birmingham is 'totally Muslim' and non-Muslims 'don't go there', when Muslims only represent a quarter of the population, according to the BBC. Clearly an idiot. Fox actually had several goes at this - note the 'expert' is wearing a different shirt/tie combination in the two clips below. The 'expert' has since apologised and admitted to being completely wrong, though I'm not sure the anchors have apologised for their part in it. Sky News tried to clean up the mess for the Murdoch Empire by interviewing the 'expert' afresh, but it just got worse as he likened listening to his own erroneous comments to "being waterboarded"

Of course, this isn't the only instance of bizarrely ignorant claims, opinion or commentary on Fox News, and I can't work out who's worse - the Fox News anchors or the so-called experts they interview.  You can judge for yourself by following the #FoxNewsFacts hashtag on Twitter. It's hilarious, if you can fight the urge to panic over how many stupid people might actually believe this crap. I do wonder whether US foreign policy - amongst other things - might be rather different if Fox News viewers were given the actual facts, rather than this trash.

One day, we might even find out.

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