Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Will Machines Out-Compete Humans To The Point of Extinction?

I've been a bit absent from these pages of late, partly pulling together SCL's Technology Law Futures Conference in June on 'how to keep humans at the heart of technology'. As I've explained on the SCL site, the conference is part of SCL's effort to focus attention on that question all year, starting with a speech by Oxford University's Professor Nick Bostrom on 2 March: "Superintelligence: a godsend or doomsday device

In other words, last year was when the threat of "The Singularity" really broke into the mainstream, while this year we are trying to shift the focus onto how we avert that outcome in practical terms. 

My own book on how we can achieve control over our own data is still ping-ponging between agent and publishers, but will hopefully find a home before another year is out - unless, of course, the machines have other ideas... 

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