Friday, 16 October 2009

Will The Eye Tweet?

As the Trafigura saga demonstrated, Private Eye is a good source of news items that resonate with the Twittersphere. I'm an occasional reader of the Eye, but begin to lose the will to live after consuming exposé after exposé of profligacy, greed, corruption, stupidity and otherwise shameful behaviour - albeit leavened by excellent cartoons and some very funny columns.

But if the Eye would only drip-feed choice pieces into Twitter, I fancy it would attract a lot of new online subscribers and achieve plenty of productive change at the same time.

No doubt, I am committing some howling error in the minds of the Eye's intelligentsia, but I don't care. Perhaps the Eye's cynicism prevents it from recognising a real opportunity? It would be interesting to know the rationale for why the Eye won't tweet.

PS: 20 Oct. Private Eye now tweets!

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