Thursday, 13 May 2010

And Now, Back to the Digital Economy Act

Now that we actually have a government again, and a Coalition Agreement that plans some sensible constraints on the Nanny State, it's time to clean up the mess that is the Digital Economy Act. Here's an extract from what my MP, Andrew Slaughter, wrote to me on 26 April:
"... critics of the bill are to hold a meeting at the House of Commons in the first week of the new parliament to discuss how we can all help to make changes to the Digital Economy Act which takes intelligent account of what many people out there, have been saying about the flaws inherent in a well-intentioned bill. I intend to be at that meeting, arguing the case for the many dozens of people who have contacted me about the bill, and respectfully ask that you cast your vote to enable me to be there, speaking up for you."

I'm not sure which case the 'many dozens of people' were asking him to argue, but I look forward to news of that meeting.
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