Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Wither The Zerozone?

I'm no Eurosceptic, but after all the dithering over the options open to the Eurozone it seems only the default option, as it were, will transpire: break-up

It remains to be seen whether we need to go through the farce of country-by-country downgrades and bank-by-bank recapitalisation. I guess we do, since avoiding or pre-empting that would take some kind of decision which the Zerozone politicians are incapable of making and for which they probably have no electoral mandate anyway.

But why stop there? I wouldn't weep for all those European Commission officials having to lodge their final excessive expenses claim and head home to defend their huge pensions from rioting neighbours. 

Flowers will grow through the cracks in Brussels' streets, and we can forget Strasbourg again.

We could certainly use the money more wisely.

Image from Crisisboom.
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