Thursday, 21 December 2017

Think Of The #Brexidiots On the Darkest Day Of The Year

How fitting, on the shortest, darkest day of 2017, that we should think of all those Brexidiots who stood in front of that big red bus 18 months ago selling Brexit fantasy snake oil to would-be-Leavers. 

The 'promise' was that Brexit was not only practicable, but simple, low cost, would leave the UK with more money and that trade deals would be plentiful and easy. 

Yet all those snake oil salespeople - the lurkmen, touts and bludgers - have done ever since is submit to every demand the EU has made. Painting themselves and the UK into a corner where it must comply with all EU laws and trade rules but have no say in how they are made.  The member state becomes the vassal state, an EU colony, in the words of Brexidiot Johnson.

Because the UK is definitely the biggest loser out of Brexit.

And that's why 2018 will be the year it is stopped.

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