Tuesday, 9 January 2018

The #Brexidiots Know The Game Is Up But Are Committed To More Lies And Deception

David Davis wrote an extraordinary letter to Theresa May in December 2017. 

He whinged that the EU has been explaining to UK businesses the risks associated with the UK leaving the EU with "No Deal". The EU says that, to minimise the impact of Brexit, contracts will need to be renegotiated and EEA-facing operations will need to move into the remaining 27 EU countries ('Brexodus').  

Davis claims these explanations are a problem because the EU has not made any "reference to the possible alternative arrangements that might be agreed".  But he admits that the chance of any successful legal challenge to require the EU to mention such potential arrangements is "low" and "high risk politically and financially". 

In other words, Davis has no confidence that alternative arrangements will be agreed to prevent the need for the Brexodus of the portion of any business that relies on trade with the EEA or EU trade deals with other countries - jobs included. 

This means the very real choice facing the UK is either "No Deal" (with the consequences explained by the EU) or to withdraw its Article 50 notice and remain in the EU.

Instead, Davis promises two things: he will "continue to press our case" with the EU - which he admits has a low chance of success - and engage in "greater communication with UK businesses to provide assurances where we can." 

But given the EU's strong legal position it is clear that reliable assurances cannot be given. Any such assurances would be yet further lies and deception from the Leave camp.

This means that remaining in the EU is the only viable option for the UK, and the Brexidiots know it but are unwilling to admit it. Yet.

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