Wednesday, 18 June 2008

The Evolution of Legal Services

Interesting coverage of Axiom's business model in The Lawyer this week. Flexible working infiltrates the Ivory Tower.

[See also subsequent coverage in the Wall Street Journal.]

Experienced specialist lawyers like the Axiom model because you get to earn good money consulting to some fantastic brands on big product launches, outsourcing deals, acquisition integration and so on. Great if you're looking for a new challenge but the "permanent" roles on offer don't light your fire.

In-house teams like someone with plenty of corporate experience to absorb the pain of servicing very demanding, one-off projects, rather than diverting the in-house team from business-as-usual or relying on a private practice lawyer who doesn't know the corporate processes and procedures.

Big law firms like the efficiency of dealing with a lawyer dedicated to a big transaction - especially where they have committed to fixed or capped fee arrangements. And it's an alternative career path for those who find the whole partnership thing a bit of a slog.

Of course, I should mention that I consult through Axiom.
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