Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Perils of Celebrity Nos. 642/3

I apologise for my party in this exchange with Harry Enfield at a "Mad Men"-themed party last night:
SDJ: Are those glasses part of your costume?

HE: No, actually. The shop assistant said they looked VERY COOL... which could have had something to do with the price tag, I suppose.... Of course, if I wore your glasses I'd look like Lord Archer.

SDJ: [laying on the irony with a trowel] Of course, you could make a lot of money looking like Lord Archer.
It might've ended there, except that Mrs DJ arrived:
Mrs DJ: [sticks out her hand] Macca! [mistaking the Comic Genius for an old friend and, as it happens, advertising account director]

HE: No, Harry! [shaking her hand].
Harry took it all in his stride, as one would expect. Very amiable, gracious and very entertaining. Funny that...

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