Friday, 15 January 2010

Which 5 Policies Should Be The Power 2010 Pledge?

I voted for:

1. a fully elected upper house;

2. fixed term Parliament;

3. proportional voting, not first past the post;

4. hold elections on the weekends, not Thursdays;

5. caps on political donations;

6. MPs to control the Parliamentary timetable, not the government;

7. the right to vote to recall your MP if he/she is doing a poor job;

8. a ban for a reasonable period of time on MPs taking a job directly related to their work in Parliament;

9. reduce the use of statutory instruments to avoid Parliamentary debate;

10. more 'free votes' in the Commons, rather than voting along party lines;

11. stronger Parliamentary select committees to scrutinise government activity (or lack of it);

12. public consultation should involve a deliberative step involving members of the public;

13. local mayors elected by local residents, not councillors;

14. scrap the ID card programme.

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